Games Played

For years I've been trying to slowly remember all the PC games I ever played and some sort of impression each left on me, so I could list and rate them. At first I started doing this on IGN, but as of the start of 2010 I moved over to MobyGames, which greatly aided me in remembering the more obscure titles, as well as the games played many years ago that didn't leave a particularly strong impression, which otherwise were very difficult to track down. It also allowed me to give more specific ratings, so I was no longer restricted to just an overall score, as on IGN. And then, of course, IGN decided to ruin the lists completely and I was even more thankful that I had moved the ratings over to MobyGames and also had the brief notes I had written for each game on IGN saved in a file.
As a result, what you see here are the ratings as posted on MobyGames, usually followed by the note that was posted on IGN. That may result in some inconsistencies between the ratings and the notes, and I plan to go through it all and try to determine which best reflects my actual impression, making changes as needed. There are also cases where the ratings reveal that they have been picked over a long period of time and often based on rather vague memories, so I also need to compare the games with each other more properly, also taking their release year into account, and make the required corrections.
But these corrections will take time, so until then you can browse the list as it is. Remember that both the ratings and the notes reflect nothing more than my own opinion, which may differ greatly from yours. If you want more information about a game, clicking its name will take you to its MobyGames entry. If I have written a review for a game, you will also see links to it, both on my blog and on MobyGames, under the brief note.

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